Friday, January 6, 2017

Are You Fluent in Chief Architect?

It appears modular home builders are going to have a banner year by the number of them that have contacted me to find help with their drawings and customer presentations.

They are all looking for someone that knows the latest versions of Chief Architect to work for them as a CAD subcontractor. Must be able to use all the Architectural features of Chief Architect as these are custom home builders.  

Lots of side work for the right people. 

If this is something you are interested in, contact me today at with your resume and samples of your work and I will pass them on to the builders.

This is going to be a great year for custom modular home construction.

Modcoach NOTE: If you are a builder looking for a Chief Architect designer to work either as a full time employee or as a subcontractor, contact me at There is absolutely no cost for this.


Anonymous said...

I want everyone to know that Gary returned my email quickly and gave me the name of a Chief Architect person and didn't want anything for his efforts. He did say he would let me buy him a cup of coffee when we meet.

Thank you for what you do for builders. There is a Starbucks card on its way to you.

josh margulies said...

Softplan too. i use that one. could use a good draftsman in softplan.

Scott Peterson said...

Coach, Josh brings up something I think you could facilitate. Instead of going through middle men employment agencies who sometimes don't have the employers interests at heart, perhaps you could offer employers, only employers, to post their needs with you.

Coach said...

That offer has always been on the table and many factories and builders have used the blog to find just the right person.