Monday, January 2, 2017

British Construction Industry Uses Positive Lego Video

Leave it to the Brits to come up with a unique way to reach Millennials about the careers available in the home construction industry. Faced with the same shortage of skilled labor we face in the US, they are approaching it with humor and taking aim at children in grade school to give them a sense of the value they can add to workplace through construction skills.

lego hb worker.jpg

A survey of British households found four out of ten parents (42%) say that they would not encourage their children aged 11 or over to pursue a career in the house-building industry, according to new research by the NHBC Foundation.

The findings have raised concern that a lack of parental support may be preventing youngsters from pursuing a hugely rewarding career in one of the UK’s most successful and thriving industries at a time of huge demand for high quality new homes.

The new online Lego video is aimed directly at young people to highlight the many benefits of a career in house-building including: great training opportunities, wide career choice with good earning potential and rewarding work creating a lasting legacy.

It is aimed at attracting talented young people into the construction trades which found that the UK house-building industry needs to challenge misconceptions if it is to attract and recruit young people.

When asked about house-building, young people could often identify jobs in the trades such as bricklaying and plumbing but, apart from architecture, young British Millennials were largely unable to identify technical, professional and managerial job areas.

It found that the poor image of house-building remains a challenge to recruitment with more than a quarter of young people citing it as a barrier. Other issues relate to a lack of information about careers and a perceived lack of professional and managerial opportunities.

But when young people – particularly girls - were given positive, factual information about the wider benefits of house-building, many felt much more interested in considering it as a career.

For many young people entering the job market, working in a modular home factory may not even on their radar.

The modular home industry in the US offers a lot of skilled and professional careers but we have to begin showing high school students what we have to offer.

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