Wednesday, January 11, 2017

IBS Day Two - The Morning Begins

7:00 AM. Everyone must have had a rough night as the place is practically deserted.

Today I will explore the South Building which has even more vendor booths than the West Building and the need for a Sherpa guide would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what IBS looks like before the exhibitors arrive for another hard days work. More pictures later today.


Bill Hart said...

I have no, of course worked or attended the NAHB Show in a number of years but checked out the exhibitor list last night and was shocked as to the great number of Chinese booths listed, were you? BH

Coach said...

From what I saw they were well represented is small ticket items like faucets, metallic trim, and unique bathroom and kitchen sinks. Part of one entire aisle had a section of Chinese vendors set up like a home show