Monday, January 23, 2017

Modular Prepared to be the Leader in Inclusive Housing

An article by Valerie Jurik-Henry, Aging in Place Specialist

I don’t like the tag line ‘Aging In Place’ one bit. I don’t like that most people who speak about AIP immediately go to the aging/elder people as the main subject. I don’t care for industries creating product geared to the AIP population that are absolutely useless.

There’s a lot that I don’t like as far as what’s going on in this VERY new $17 trillion arena of AIP. But let me tell you what I do know and why I am different and successful with the building industry.

Aging in Place
Aging = all people
In Place = at home

All People At Home. The AIP industry caters to ‘all people who want to live at home for as long as possible’

So if you have a business that provides anything that will help someone stay at home longer, you are a winner! This includes products, technology and services. But what is the KING here? What has to be in place before anything else can even function?


Every national aging government report, AARP, medical journals, established authors and more are starting to make waves about our aging country.

inclusive 1.jpg

Aging is everyone not just 65+.  

People need to focus on longevity AND the mid age range (30+) of people in this country.

A child that needs specialized care will continue to grow and a recently injured person will need their homes to be able to adapt to their changing needs, not just what makes it easy today.


When you create a home with inclusive design, you are a winner! Some call it universal design but to me the published description of universal design is limited.

I use the word “Inclusive” as it is an easier word that promotes an image in your head.

Step-less entrees: in the AIP world people will immediately say its for wheelchair use and old people. I say yes AND a parent pushing a stroller or carrying a lot of packages.

Wider doorways: easy to move furniture in and out.

And so on…the design makes a person's life easier regardless of their age.

Now take this thought of inclusive design is carry it throughout the house. Every room on every floor. The design immediately opens up an entire new thought to your customer as you now look like their hero.

The customer could be of any age and here you are, listening to their needs in a house and then educating them about inclusive design in building for their future needs. Think of inclusive design as an accessory. Would you buy a car without an airbag?
Then educate your client about selling their house at some point. When and if the time comes, the buyer base for their inclusive designed house has NO barriers. Any age group can function in it and it will sell quickly.

With an extensive background in AIP and Inclusive Housing I can help your business get on the Inclusive House (AIP) train by working with your design and marketing departments. My housing and healthcare background allows me to understand design and a person's physical need over time. It’s time you get seen as the expert in Aging in Place with Inclusive Housing.

For more information about how designing and building Inclusive Homes will increase your business, contact Valerie at or visit her website.


Kris Megna, Dreamline Modular said...

This is a great article and I could not agree more. As someone whose family is in special needs education "aging in place" is absolutely about designing a home for all ages with all conditions. It is something that can be so easy to do if you just think a little in advance. As Valerie's article states just making doors 36" can make the world of difference for a family. From a personal level my girlfriend works with severe special needs, which often her job takes her out into the field to visit. What families constantly go through to make sure their houses are accessible is mind blowing. I know of atleast 10 families that bought new homes in the area around Metro Boston because of accessibility. Thanks for this post Coach and great article Valerie!

Valerie Jurik~Henry said...

Thanks Kris!

We are all in this together and I feel as soon as people catch on to the magnitude of what I'm saying, their business will take off.

If you need anything please reach out to me -


Kris Megna, Dreamline Modular said...

Thank you so much Valerie and I agree with you. Same on my end: