Monday, January 16, 2017

My Favorite BSC Speaker at This Year’s IBS

The BSC Lounge had a lot of very good speakers including Sam Rashkin, Tifanee McCall, Ken Semler and others but the one that I found delivered a message that every modular home builder and factory owner should pay closer attention to was given by Valerie Jurik-Henry on Aging in Place.

Talking vjh.jpg

We all age and the house we build for ourselves today will not; let me repeat that; will not be the house we need later in life simply because we don’t design it for our older selves.

There was a good crowd in the BSC Lounge when she began her talk on aging, all doing what they always do, talking to each other, wandering around, getting coffee, etc. But a very unusual thing happened. Everyone stopped doing those things and began to really listen to her talk about where most falls and injuries the home.

50plus 1990.jpg
50+ Population in 1990

50plus 2010.jpg
50+ Population in 2010, just 20 years later

She offered graphs and charts that showed most senior citizen falls occur in home bathrooms and in what was a real surprise, flat, dry surfaces were a leading cause of falls.

falls where.jpg

Valerie went on to say that builders and factories need to rethink how to tweak floorplans and options to meet the needs of everyone from cradle to grave when designing new homes. It isn’t hard to sell Green or High Performance and it shouldn’t be hard to sell “Inclusive” design either.

If you haven’t heard her speak on the subject, you are missing one of the best and most personable speakers you will ever hear.

Valerie is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), a professional speaker, author and consultant. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare and housing, she has a unique view when it comes to educating businesses, industries and families.

Aging In Place simply means ‘to live at home for as long as possible.’ Valerie’s entire career has been geared toward helping people do just that. She works with businesses to embark on the Aging In Place market to offer more choices. Her motto is, and has always been, “Educate to Create a Voice For Choice” ™

Valerie realizes how important choices are in life. A choice can only be made if we are presented with two or more options. The reality is that we usually do what someone else has done or what we’re told to do. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just the way we function as people. But think about how much better our decisions would be if they were truly informed decisions.

As we age, for instance, we start to make decisions about:

• Where am I going to live? 
• How can I remain in this house? 
• Who can help me?

Valerie became a speaker and consultant to help people see these important decisions as educated choices rather than a gamble. With Valerie’s years of experience, she navigates the waters to help you better understand aging, Aging In Place and how to engage in the market.

She is ready to offer her consulting services to any builder and factory that wants to begin addressing these issues and has spoken at my Boot Camps.

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