Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Thoughts About the BSC at IBS

I spent two days at the Orlando Convention Center and got a first hand look at 1,000,000 sq ft. To say I’m not a spring chicken is an understatement and the size and scope of IBS would even make that chicken tired.

Call it poor planning on my part by underestimating what was offered and the amount of walking needed to see it all. I spent one full day just in the West Hall and at the Outdoor Village and the second almost exclusively in the South Hall.


If you are planning to go next year I would suggest really studying the map and wear super comfortable shoes.

It was a great show.

The part I found most interesting was not on the exhibition floors or even the homes displayed in the huge parking lot. No, it was the Building Systems Council (BSC) Lounge.

The BSC Lounge had hundreds of attendees over the course of the two days I was there driven by the quality of the speakers and the subject matter. I made a lot of new friends and renewed old ones.

What was extremely encouraging was level of energy in the lounge. That energy can be contributed to two very dedicated BSC people that have our industry at heart; John Lingerfelt and Devin Perry. Both worked hard to make introductions, greet people and overall were what made the difference from years past.

These men are striving to bring systems building to the forefront in builder’s minds by showing them the benefits of being members of BSC. If you are log home builder, a panelized, concrete or modular home builder, this was the place to spend some time listening to new ideas and learning what the BSC can do for you.

Next year’s IBS will be in Orlando again, so start making plans to attend and while you’re there stop by the BSC Lounge.

Did I mention they have great food!

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Anonymous said...

The BSC appears to be on the upswing with a new lounge, good speakers and yes Coach, good food. The two you mentioned are the major reason the BSC will continue to grow.