Monday, January 23, 2017

Simplex, the Newest Superhero in Affordable Housing Market

When The Community Builders Inc. (TCB)—a leading nonprofit real estate developer, owner and manager of affordable and mixed income housing decided to renovate all of the units at Leyden Woods in Greenfield, Mass. one of their biggest concerns was how to execute the project with as little disruption as possible to the lives of the families who live there while minimizing relocation expenses.   Modular construction from Simplex Modular Homes in Scranton, PA proved to be a great solution to their problem.


TCB together with Delphi Construction knew at the outset they would face a considerable challenge employing a traditional construction approach on such a time-sensitive, occupied construction project, the scope of which included the teardown and new construction of 49 buildings and 200 units spread over eight courts.


The Community Builders brought in Davis Square Architects of Somerville, Mass. to handle the design. Civil Engineering was provided by Stantec. Delphi Construction of Waltham and Cape Cod, Massachusetts managed construction. The fourth key contributor in this case was the manufacturer of the state- of-the-art modular units themselves: Simplex Homes of Scranton, Pa., a firm that has been pioneering modular manufacturing for 45 years.

For information on how Simplex could benefit your next Multi-Family project, contact Jason Drouse, Muilti-Family Account Manager at Simplex Homes.


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