Sunday, January 15, 2017

Things That Caught My Attention at IBS

“Information overload”. That is the best way to describe this year’s International Builder’s Show in Orlando. After a couple of hours everything tends to run together making it hard to know if you’ve been down this aisle earlier in the day.

I wanted to see it all but decided not to spend any time at the usual displays like door, window, siding and roofing. The dozen CAD vendor displays were of really no interest to me. Notice I call them displays, not booths? Calling them a booth would be a disservice to the overwhelming opulence of most of them. I would venture a guess that the Andersen Window display topped a million dollars to design, build, ship, set up, tear down and ship back.

What I really wanted to see were some things that the modular industry may not be aware of yet. I think I was successful in doing that. Here are just a couple of my discoveries.

These folks use concrete to build some really nice things that can be added either in the factory or on site. When I mentioned using their products in modular housing Jeff Kudrick told me that Atlantic Modular Builders in New Jersey was already using J M Lifestyles and had an entire article about it in a NJ magazine. Check them out.

This was an interesting stop. They manufacture attic access stairways. What is new about that? Funny you should ask. They have an automated self lowering attic stair that is activated with an APP on your phone. I would bet that some of your customers would pay extra for this just to show it off to everyone that visits their home. For more information, contact Mike Carpenter.

I’m usually not interested in the latest in kitchen ranges, dishwashers and wine coolers but these were classy. If your high end customers want a VIking range, you might want to give them this option. Carmen, the sales rep for Kucht said that their product rivals Viking but at a better price point. Sounded good to me.

As I walked past this display I thought it looked like something new in countertops but it turned out to be metallic wall coverings. While talking to Skip Eckenrod, the President of the company, he told me that these were wall panels and builders have started using them as accent walls in various rooms of the home. There are tons of applications for these coverings, just not countertops.

Here are some other displays I thought were fun but I really didn’t spend any time talking to anyone.

Prefab Specialty Arches and Ceilings delivered to the factory

Radon Mitigation from Fantech

Chinese Manufacturers were at IBS in large numbers

I'm afraid to show these Shower Heads from Pulse Shower Spas to Peg
Italian Kitchens....Sweet!

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Great photos and some interesting products. Thanks for sharing.