Friday, January 13, 2017

Tiny House Envy at the International Builder’s Show

Tiny houses are coming on fast in the housing scene and IBS had 3 true tiny houses on display. Two of them were what one would expect from a tiny house but the third was the best and most imaginative one ever seen.

Daniel’s Wood Land builds tiny houses unlike anything we’ve seen before. Twin brothers Ron and John Daniels are proprietors of Daniels Woodland, a company that specializes in customized tree houses, shooting galleries and themed environments. John Daniels started his business as a chainsaw artist 19 years ago and had a vision that he could do extraordinary things with wood and recycled and reclaimed materials.

One thing led to another and over the years his company went from sculptures carved with a chainsaw to entire themed projects including a lot of work for the Disney empire. CLICK HERE to read their story.


This year he is introducing his version of a tiny house. He brought the “miner’s cottage” to IBS and it was amazing.


The carrier, walls and utilities are built by Cavco to HUD specs and delivered to Daniel’s Wood Land where as Walt Disney always said “the magic begins.” He brought the Miner’s Cottage the IBS convention which come fully decked out with everything and I mean ‘everything’ from beds and linens to paintings and animal heads mounted on the walls.


Everything is either recycled or reclaimed including the stair balusters which are staves from old wine barrels.

His business is featured on Animal Planet’s Redwood Kings.

They also build tree houses, shooting galleries, playgrounds and wilderness cabins.

If you are looking for the ultimate tiny house that will make every other tiny house owner drool, you need to check them out. And all for a little over $120,000 complete. Contact Andy Dauterman for information about this house and their other themed homes.

And check out these videos of a shooting gallery and their factory.

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