Friday, February 10, 2017

First BSC “Lunch N Learn” Featured Modcoach

Nobody was more surprised than I was when asked by Devin Perry, Manager of Membership Programs for the Building Systems Council (BSC) to lead off their first ever “Lunch-N-Learn” webinar for systems-built home builders.


My topic was where the modular home industry is today and where did I see it going into the future. Easy topic but you’d be wrong.

The modular home industry has seen a lot of changes since the housing bust of 2008 with many factories closing their doors, builders leaving the business, tougher building codes, tightening mortgage regulations and new types of buildings bringing opportunities not even imagined just 10 years ago.

Being asked to keep my presentation to 10-15 minutes with the rest of the hour being filled with Q & A seemed like a challenge. First, I’ve never been at a loss for words about our industry and 15 minutes could be filled just talking about any of the above mentioned topics and secondly asking builders to open up in a forum with 80 of their peers listening usually doesn’t work out so well.

However, not only was I able to keep my part to 15 minutes; builders and factory owners from around the country asked enough questions that the hour flew by quickly.

CLICK HERE to listen to and watch yesterday’s entire L-N-L with Modcoach.

This was a wonderful thing for our industry.

The BSC has scheduled “Lunch-N-Learn” webinars every month featuring speakers from all aspect of the different Systems industries.

Keep watching here for when these events will be available. Best part...They’re FREE. Contact Devin Perry for more information about upcoming events and learn why you should become a member of the largest group of homebuilders in the world.

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