Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Modular Housing Over-Regulated?

Are we being singled out for more regulations simply because we are modular?

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Anonymous said...

We have to submit more to our local code office than anyone building a house on site. That just isn't right considering we are inspected more than any type of construction other than commercial.

Anonymous said...

Not in my local municipalities in the state NY.....easier for modular actually

Anonymous said...

For all gloom and doom re: Maryland, I am actually hopeful. The bat septic is all but gone. (Something is rotten in Howard County) Fire protection is now a uniform pain in the ass (we are all more or less burdened the same way) Storm water management is better if not tolerable in the rational parts of the state.

Most counties want an engineered foundation plan. Pain in ass but tolerable. The building authorities in the central part of the state rely heavily on civil and structural documention. Maybe too much. Maybe not.

I am seeing signs of real life. That means regular folks building homes on their private property.

If we can survive the job created, life safety, environmental protection, madness driven, regulatory damage of these past 8 years and move toward a more rational policy toward building houses, we may yet see real opportunity in md. again.

I'd like to see some relief from fire protection system requirements on well and septic lots over say 1/2 acre as a gift for this Christmas.

Sam said...

We are a RV resort in Citrus County Florida and were just informed that Citrus county believes once a Park Trailer is placed on peirs and anchored it becomes a manufactured home and is not allowed in the Coastal High Hazard Area (ie west of hwy 19). if you are planning to install a modular home or manufactured home that has a HUD Manufactured Home plate in Citrus west of Hwy 19 you may want to contact us. We are in the process of appealing this decision and would like to know if it affects anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I expect some to disagree, but I think we are seeing many of the overly regulatory issues popping up due to a lack of national/regional representation.
One residential trade association to represent the modular industry has been needed for quite a while, and the current situation isn't working.