Thursday, February 16, 2017

MHBA Burgers & Beer in Massachusetts

Join MHBA Executive Director Tom Hardiman at 2:00 on Monday March 6th at the Hill Tavern, 228 Cambridge St in Boston. Tom will discuss the recent changes to the Massachusetts Manufactured Building Program including the new approval process for modular homes.

Also on the agenda will be a conversation about the proposed code changes for the 9th Edition of the Massachusetts Building Code scheduled for public hearing the following day.

There is no fee to attend (other than your burger and beer!) but please RSVP so we can let the restaurant know how many are attending. RSVP to


Tom Hardiman said...

Thanks for the plug Gary. We are entering interesting times for sure. 2017 could be a banner year for the industry, but there are challenges ahead. Several states will have turnover in key modular administration staff including Mass, PA, and MD. Any time this happens, a new set of eyes looks at the regulations and past procedures and determines how to move forward.

It is critical to have a good working relationship with these agencies and people so that our voices are heard. That requires time, trust, and active industry involvement. We will set up similar meeting in other states over the next few months.

Tom Hardiman said...

Slight change of venue. It will not be at the Tip Tap Restaurant now. We are moving it just down the street to the Hill Tavern at 228 Cambridge Street.