Friday, February 24, 2017

Modular Home Builder Not Shy About Building Within Philly City Limits

Vaughan Buckley came here from his home in Australia and settled in Philadelphia, PA. Now Vaughan Buckley Construction is the city’s go to builder for large modular residential housing within the city limits.

Vaughan Buckley, modular builder
I talked to him about his latest project, a 6 box, 6,000 sq ft built by Professional Building Systems in Middleburg, PA. As you can imagine, there is a lot of pre-planning that needs to happen before these modules can enter the city limits.


Check out downtown Philly in the background.

Once there, he uses a 350 ton crane to lift the boxes from a narrow city street and over all the wires. Vaughan and his crew were planning to do the set with hard cover (the orange boots) on the overhead wires, but they were stolen by a random guy in a bucket truck (apparently there is a serious black market for silicon hard covers).

The crane needed had a 16 story reach at its peak height. I wonder if Vaughan is looking at even bigger projects closer to downtown.
The project is located very close to Temple Hospital and is a pioneering project for one of their developer clients, who is a Philadelphia detective in his spare time, in an area with currently very little new construction.

He has built several of these multi-residential buildings as well as 33 and 36 box projects in Philly with another factory. Vaughan told me he has built enough of these projects that the lead time from design to set is now very minimal.

There is a moral to this story. “Don’t shy away from marketing your company and modular multi-family to inner city developers.”


Carl Nolan said...

I didn't realize he was so young. Hope this picture isn't 10 years old. He should be commended for his success in building where a lot of us are afraid to enter.

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Vaughn is a straight shooter, through and through. Had lunch with him last summer, met his Mum twice (working for him now) and toured his beautiful spec homes nearby his office. Even his wife is a sweetie!

His success is not only a bellwether for all of us looking at multi-family modular, in Vaughn's case, it is richly deserved. Plus, his brother is an avid car guy - driving & racing the Aussie equivalent (VF Commodore) of my Chevy SS!