Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Speakers Announced for World of Modular in Arizona

The Modular Building Institute, MBI, the international non-profit trade association that serves the commercial modular construction industry, has released its initial slate of speakers for the World of Modular trade show and convention, March 17-20, 2017, at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Report and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. For 34 years, the event has provided industry professionals with a place to network, exchange ideas, learn from experts, discuss issues, display new products, and receive recognition.


The 2017 slate of speakers include industry leaders, highly-respected economists, and academics, who will discuss the latest trends and technology, growth opportunities in the industry, and more.

"This year's slate of speakers cover the latest trends in modular construction and really showcase where we see the industry going in 2017. There is a lot of potential growth and World of Modular is the perfect place to learn about them all," said Tom Hardiman, Executive Director for the Modular Building Institute.

Anirban Basu, chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., will give an economic forecast for the construction marketplace. Anirban, one of the Mid-Atlantic's most recognizable economists, consults for numerous clients, including prominent developers, bankers, brokerage houses, energy suppliers and law firms.

Chris Helder, author of Useful Belief: Because It's Better than Positive Thinking, will be the keynote speaker that motivates attendees to frame their challenges in ways that make them winnable and formulate an action plan for getting to where they want to be. Chris' presentations offer a high-energy and funny look at understanding and influencing human behavior.

Ethan Cowles, senior consultant with FMI Corporation, a leading provider of construction management, investment banking, and research, will provide insight into "Evaluating and Improving Prefabrication Operations." Cowles will help you learn how to look at your prefabrication efforts holistically as well as see what evaluating prefabrication operations should really entail.

Gabrielle Bosché, founder and CEO of The Millennial Solution, will host a two-part workshop on "Managing Your Business: Retaining and Attracting Millennial Employees and Winning Strategies for Marketing to Millennials." Gabrielle will offer solutions to the challenge of a multi-generational workplace.

Ryan Smith, an authoritative voice on modular design and construction, and director of the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center at the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning in Salt Lake City, will discuss "Offsite Architecture: Constructing a Post-Industrial Future." Smith is the author of Offsite Architecture, a groundbreaking text that establishes the current and future state of thinking in this field.

Lad Dawson, CEO of Guerdon Enterprises, LLC, will inspire attendees to "Experience the Future of Hotel Construction." Lad will highlight selected modular hotel projects that have come to fruition since Marriott International began their Modular Initiative in 2015.

Other presentation topics include passive house, multi-family modular housing, repurposed shipping containers, blast resistant modules, and much more.

The attendee list grows everyday and currently includes professionals from all aspects of construction and those interested in using modular construction on future projects. Market representatives include large online retailers, hospitality developers, international fast food chains, government agencies, and more.

World of Modular is an open forum for anyone interested in the modular construction industry. To learn more, or to exhibit or attend, please visit http://www.worldofmodular.org.

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