Sunday, February 19, 2017

Styrofoam Modular Homes About to Hit the Tiny House Market

If the Japanese company Japan Dome House Co. Ltd has a say about the next big thing in the Tiny House market it could prove quite revolutionary.

dome 1.jpg

These homes are not true modular homes. Instead they are interlocking styrofoam panels that can be used for housing, shopping and recreation.

dome 3.jpg

dome 5.jpg

The most outstanding feature is the low cost which starts at under $30,000. However, the dome house has a long list of other benefits. It is very light – weighing only 80 kg. The 7 inch thick walls provides thermal insulation. The walls are coated with fire retardant making the houses fireproof. Being what it is, the dome house will not rust, rot and is definitely not termite food. It is also earthquake and gale resistant – the latter due to the dome’s low wind resistance profile.

Both the exterior and the interior can be customized. The company also offers “long domes” and dome styles which can be linked together. These domes are very versatile. They can be made into guest houses, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, steam rooms, bars, restaurants, freezer rooms and even karaoke bars!

dome 2.jpg

Can you imagine what an entire village of these homes could do for affordable housing!