Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This is Why the Modular Industry Needs to Begin Nationwide Marketing Campaign

With all the ways on the Internet to find information, many people in every part of the country still think that modular homes are really nothing more than mobile homes designed for low income or first time buyers.

I have absolutely nothing against HUD code manufactured homes other than the confusion between them and IRC code modular homes. Both are built in factories in accordance with their respective building codes. There is a market for both with the HUD home market being the larger. For now.


The following article from a LA newspaper is just another example of people protesting something where a simple Google search could have revealed the facts.

Enjoy the article:

During a meeting Tuesday night, Independence, Louisiana Mayor Angelo Mannino asked the board of aldermen to consider removing modular homes from the current town ordinances prohibit modular homes and mobile homes outside of a designated trailer park.

The board of this town of less than 2,000 people decided to research a clearer definition of modular homes vs mobile homes before taking any action.

Mannino believes a modular home is much different from mobile homes.

"I don't think it's a trailer. I think a modular home is more of a home environment than a trailer could ever be," he said. "They're built more structurally than a mobile home. We have a lot of people who can't afford to build homes, and a modular home would help them to get into a home."

Alderman Larry Cardaronella said he has no problem with modular homes and has always been in favor of them for the young families who are just starting off.

"Today's modular homes are no comparisons to trailers," he said.

Cardaronella said his only stipulation would be that the home was put on a permanent slab.

Alderman Jimmy Gregory also had some stipulations to contribute.

"The only way I would be on board with this is if we set a minimum square footage restriction.... It has to be something comparable to the average-sized home," he said.

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