Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Westchester Modular Brings New Housing to Framingham, MA

Loaded onto tractor-trailers, the modules for the new apartment building on Frederick Street in Framingham, MA arrived in the early morning hours and were hoisted by a crane and stacked one on top of the other, taking shape within a mere two days.


When developer Vaios Theodorakos was ready to build a new apartment building consisting of nine two-bedroom apartments he turned to Westchester Homes.

The new housing is geared toward young couples who prefer living in smaller units with easy access to amenities such as shops and restaurants. Theodorakos said it will contribute to the town's efforts to revitalize the area with transit-oriented development. He plans a total of 33 units in 5 parcels. All modular.

The three-story structure was designed by Westchester Modular Homes of Wingdale, New York. The components for the building were delivered from upstate New York by a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks. Each unit in the building measures about 850 square feet, and houses two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen and dining room area.

Theodorakos said all that remains of the project is to patch sheetrock and seams, put down carpets and flooring and tie the building into the town's utilities. He said the new apartments will rent for about $1,400 per month and are expected to be available within a month.

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