Monday, March 20, 2017

Are Major Hotel Operators About to Enter the Assisted Living Arena?

Major hotels operators have turned to both Commercial and Residential modular factories to build their hotels with great results both in quality and time saved, which then becomes a major cash savings.

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Several of these hotel chains are now turning their attention to a new market; assisted living and modular will play a major role in this new market.

The oldest baby boomers today are 71, while the average age of an assisted living resident is 85, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. A very small number of baby boomers are living in assisted living facilities but that will change beginning in 2020 according to government experts on aging.


More people in the 80’s have put off going into assisted living but that will also change by 2020. Add those to Boomers that will seek assisted living facilities and their industry will see a demand unlike any before.

Assisted living residents will be much frailer than they have been and Boomer independent living will be divided in many segments.

Some will remain in their homes until the last possible moment before making the decision to go into assisted living. Others will move in with or have Medical Cottages or additions added to their adult children’s homes.

Others will choose to downsize in ADA equipped homes within senior living communities. Developers will begin to build and design communities that younger Boomers are going to want to live in.

Independent living is very important to Boomers. No Boomer wakes up and says "I’d like to live in a retirement community."

Hotel operators are gearing up to provide assisted living facilities modeled on their hotel experience and since modular construction is rapidly becoming a successful and proven way to build hotels, our industry needs to begin talking to the hotel people today about their future plans in this arena.

Medical Cottages, Granny Pods, modular additions and senior living single family residences should be and will be the domain of the modular and manufactured industries going forward.

Our industry needs to begin adding Aging in Place and Assisted Living to our vocabulary and start designing living units that will meet that need by 2020.

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