Thursday, March 9, 2017

Customers Using Social Media Can Help or Damage Your Business

Remember the Good Old Days when a disgruntled home buyer would tell everyone they knew that buying a home from you was an awful experience?

Those days really have become a part of home buying history. Today if someone really likes you, they post a picture of their new home on Facebook or Pinterest. Even that is becoming as out of date as yesterday's news.

Today, they self produce a video, any length they want by editing it on their computer and putting it on YouTube for everyone in the world to see. Piss off someone today and you will definitely pay the price for it.

I just came across someone who not only produced a video for YouTube, she actually is almost 300 subscribers to her "Crystal, the Minimalist Cat Mom" channel. She is very typical of what Millennials find totally normal. I'm including her 24 Minute video about Tiny Houses as an example of how easy it is to trash a builder that does you wrong. Or better yet, give you a good recommendation. Maybe you should give an incentive to every one of your home buyers that posts a positive video about your company on YouTube.

Enjoy Crystal the Cat Mom's video:

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Anonymous said...

Our company learned this painful lesson a few weeks ago when one of our dissatisfied home owners put a live stream video on Facebook even after we took care of every single thing she was complaining about. It prompted a couple of people we were working with to call us. Not a pleasant experience.
This is something every builder needs to know about. Thanks Modcoach.