Monday, March 20, 2017

Frederick County Home Show Features Modular Tiny House

Peg and I visited the Frederick County, Maryland Home Builder’s Show in the fairgrounds yesterday and saw a big crowd exploring all 4 buildings packed with vendors and builders as well as a modular tiny house designed by students, the shell modules were built by the students after touring Icon Legacy in Selinsgrove where the students in the county’s CTC program learned the modular process.

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To the right of the tiny house, a big tent was set up with 3 small displays featuring CTC students working on electrical and plumbing. Each unit had several students working on them. CLICK HERE to read their story.

th fhs 4.jpg
CTC students working on demonstration

In only his second home show, Andy Ridgely noticed one major difference compared to the year prior. There were a lot more people.

“There's definitely a lot more people than last year,” said Ridgely, who works for Green-Living Homes. “I think the weather is a lot more conducive than it was last year, but I also think there’s a lot more consumer confidence.”

Another reason for the increased turnout was the opportunity for the public to see the 600-square foot senior cottage that was built by students at Frederick’s Career and Technology Center.

“It was something that was heavily marketed and it’s new and I think there’s a lot of interest around it,” said real estate agent Liz Burrow. “I think that certainly got some people to come out here.”

The Frederick County Building Industry Association's 42nd annual home show had more than 200 vendors.

Even though Frederick. MD is a major bedroom community to both Baltimore and Washington, DC, it is very much a rural county as one of the more intriguing businesses at the home show this year were newcomers Lesley and Zeke Flores who recently started their affiliate business called Rent the Chicken.


Rent the Chicken is a business with locations in the U.S. and Canada that allows homesteads and farms to start their own Rent the Chicken business from different cities as an affiliate.

Homesteads like Flores rent chickens to families for six months so the families can get fresh eggs each day, she said. Flores operates a homestead in Hagerstown with about 100 chickens on it as well as goats and turkeys.

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Frank Dertzbaugh said...

It is very difficult to get middle or high school students interested in being educated in the construction industry these days, but this Career and Technology Center in our County is very progressive. Unfortunately, parents of students don't understand or appreciate the value of this type of education, which translates into less and less support for County funding of these programs. We all need to be pro-active in promoting the value of this industry to the public and creating awareness of the bright and prosperous future young people can have in the construction industry. Be pro-active in supporting your local Vo-tech programs and visit your local high schools on Career Days and also PSTA groups to recruit and educate the public.