Friday, March 31, 2017

Hangin’ Out with the Folks at Westchester Homes

For past two days I’ve been visiting Westchester Homes in Wingdale, NY. I was invited to speak to a group of their builders, sales reps and factory people the day before their Builder Day on March 31st.


John Colucci, Westchester’s VP of Sales and Marketing, invited four people to talk with the group.

Thursday’s meeting featured Rick Terry, a HERS Rater who talked about builders having to adapt to the continual changes in energy regulations imposed by each state served by Westchester. A lot of the builders were unaware of how much these new regs would impact their business. During the two hours he talked, builders and factory people were asking question after question. It was a great session that could have been an all day seminar in itself.

John Carpentier from Andersen Windows also spoke on energy topics including Energy Star and LEED and how windows can have a huge impact on how energy is measured to meet the new regs.

Kerri Kondisko, the national rep covering offsite housing factories for Merillat Cabinetry, spoke about all the changes happening with their cabinets. Kitchen and bath cabinets, such a basic item but always the most beautiful focal points of every home.

Leading off the day’s session was me, the Modcoach, bringing a new perspective about how modular, as known on the East Coast, is unlike anything found anywhere else in the US. I talked about new factories starting up and news of modular from around the world. We talked about marketing and competing today and how the Internet has changed all the rules.

What a great group.

The day before, John invited Rick and I on a tour of the production floor where Rick looked at what they are currently doing to meet today’s energy code and regs and talked about what changes will be needed to meet the new regs coming down the road. I was absolutely fascinated by the attention to detail that factories have to do to meet these codes.

For example, Rick explained that simply making sure that batt insulation fills the cavity completely with no compression could make a small difference in the home’s HERS Rating. He noted that Westchester works hard at making sure their homes are ready for anything the code people could throw at them. He gave a big thumbs up to the production people at Westchester.

Today is Builder Day at Westchester Homes where all their current builders and those looking to become Westchester builders will meet, tour the factory and learn all about the homes they offer.


Too bad I couldn’t have stayed for today’s session but I had to go home. My dog missed me.

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