Sunday, March 5, 2017

Huge PA Modular Home Factory Appears Abandoned

Foremost Homes located in Upton, PA, founded and operated by Ralph Michaels for decades was sold a couple of years ago to Dan Gordon. Gordon and Michaels have filed counter lawsuits against each other while a College has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against both.

Former Foremost Factories. Note signage on right side is covered.

The Foremost Homes name disappeared a while back when the company started producing a new brand of modular home called Citadel Homes.

Modular Home Factory Production

Truss and Panel Plant

Today I drove to the factory only to find a place that looked like a ghost town. No factory owned trucks, no modules in the yard, model home gone and the company's signage covered with plywood.

All that's left of the model home.

Too bad. This is a great systems built facility that produced modular homes, panelized wall panels and custom trusses. Suitors have turned down purchasing the plant because of the lawsuits.

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Anonymous said...

I used to work in the truss and panel plant until they closed. Hell of a shame to see the olace abandoned like that.