Friday, March 24, 2017

MHBA and Modcoach Host Our First Event in Massachusetts

MHBA is pleased to announce our first event with Modcoach on May 17th in Springfield, MA.  

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Your seat awaits

This is going to be a crucial meeting if you do business in New York, Massachusetts, and/or Connecticut.

We have invited Joseph Hill, R.A., the Assistant Director for Energy Services for New York State Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes and his team from NYDOS to participate in a town hall style meeting. (He has to get state approval for out of state travel but indicated they would be there).  How can we improve the approval process in NY? Can we use foam only adhesive assemblies?  These are just two items on the agenda for NYDOS.   

Rob Anderson, Codes Chief in Massachusetts also plans on participating.  This event is the day after the May 16th BBRS Board meeting to finalize the 9th Edition of the Codes. Will we be required to install sprinkler systems in MA?  Will the industry get a new director or have to deal with 15 regional reviewing authorities?  

MHBA also reached out to Commissioner Redekker of the CT DOT and invited him to attend.  While it is uncertain if any representative from CTDOT will attend, our transportation bill sponsor, Senator Paul Formica, is interested in coming.

“Lessons Learned from the Field: Best Practices and Tips from Third Party Engineers.”  Rick Wenner with PFS and Chuck Osterday of NTA, Inc. will lead a discussion of what they have learned in the field and issues they see on the horizon. This open discussion will also include plenty of q & a time.
These discussions will make up the morning sessions from about 9:30-noon, with other speakers rounding out the agenda.

Limited space and limited sponsorship opportunities  

(email for sponsorship info).


MHBA & Modcoach
Modular Home Summit
9:00 – 3:00 Wednesday May 17, 2017
LaQuinta Inn & Suites
100 Congress Street, Springfield, MA
$99/person for MHBA members; $149/person for non-members

Register on our site here:
(non-members will need to site register first)

If you have any issues registering, email

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William aka "Little Bill" said...

It will be interesting to see what NY has to say about speeding up their extremely slow review process. They should just turn everything over to the 3rd party inspection agencies. With all the cuts at the state government levels, approving modular floor plans should be cut as well and handed off to agencies who do it everyday.