Saturday, March 4, 2017

Modcoach and MHBA Join Forces for Better Modular Events


A Message from Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach:

Way back when I first started hosting my small Modular Builder Breakfasts in Frederick, MD, little did I realize that they would grow into regional events like my Modular Boot Camps, Round Tables and even bigger Builder Breakfasts.

Today they have become a little overwhelming for me to plan, organize and execute by myself and am happy to announce that I have joined forces with the MHBA to expand these events and take them to the next level that will benefit every modular home builder and factory.

This will allow me to devote even more time to the blog and start producing my Podcasts that will begin by late Spring.

A message from Tom Hardiman, Executive Director of the MHBA:

I am pleased to announce that Modcoach is joining forces with the Modular Home Builders Association to deliver a series of high quality industry events in 2017.  MHBA has a long history of addressing state legislative and regulatory issues and coordinating town hall meetings with modular program administrators.  

Modcoach’s bootcamps, while relatively new, have seen tremendous growth with real-world sessions delivered by industry experts.  By combining MHBA’s town hall style meetings with the Modcoach’s popular bootcamps, we feel we can collectively deliver a higher quality product to the industry at an affordable rate.

Plans are currently underway for a Modular Home Summit in May in the Northeast region. We are working on inviting key agency contacts from multiple states to participate in this event, along with industry experts to address issues in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  

Also, look for more information soon on our Modular Bootcamp to be held in the Virginia/North Carolina region shortly thereafter.  

Limited sponsorship opportunities, including table tops, are available for both events by emailing


Factory GM said...

Imagine my surprise reading Gary's blog this morning and seeing that the MHBA is taking over his Boot Camps. At first I was a little disappointed. However upon thinking about it maybe this is the natural order of things. He begins something good for us and then it is incorporated into another organization to continue.
Looks like podcasts could be the next big thing from the mind of Modcoach. Good luck to you.

Tom Hardiman said...

@ Factory GM - Gary and I have been discussing our working relationship for quite a while. No doubt Modcoach stepped in and filled a big void for the industry. But planning these events is no easy task, especially for one person.

I'd make one small change to your comment - MHBA is not "taking over" these events, but still plan on working with Gary on them. We will handle the logistics and planning, but Gary will still be there helping with speakers, locations, and of course blogging about the events.

We plan to announce the next two events within the next few weeks.

Builder Bob said...

This is a great move for the modular industry. I'm positive Gary and Tom will provide great meetings for all of us. Perfect match.

Anonymous said...

As a long-time reader and a more recent participant in MHBA, I see this as a very positive partnership. I see many of the same people interested in helping the industry blossom into everything it could be. It won't take over site-building, and it wont be the right solution for all homes, but there are a lot of similar passions. Both groups are hands-on trying to help awareness and prevent unbalanced regulations. Wish there were more people helping - either with time or with financial support.

Harris - Finish Werks said...

That is the best "Anonymous" comment I've ever read!