Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why Do You Keep Getting Fired?

The modular housing industry shares a lot with the Real Estate and automotive business in one big area. In each of these industries, getting fired from a factory doesn’t mean you will never work in this industry again.

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In fact, the contrary is true. Getting fired from one factory is almost always a guaranteed invitation to join a competing factory. I’ve known a couple of people that have been fired from more than 4 factories over the years and are still in working in our industry. One has even risen in the ranks to a top management position.

So why the paradox of getting fired at one factory only to be hired quickly by another? Simply because very few factories have any kind of training for any of their non-production jobs. Factory management has found that a fired sales rep, for example, really doesn’t need to be trained other than giving them about an hour to learn the new pricing.

Fired sales rep know how to work with builders, maybe. They know how to work with the engineering and service departments, maybe. And they know how to prospect, maybe. They know how to be team players, maybe.

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Most time it is simply easier and cheaper for a factory to hire a rotten apple with a little knowledge than to hire someone new to the modular industry and spend the time and money on properly training them for success.

If you are looking at hiring some other factory’s reject simply because you have a slot to fill, you need to know why they were fired in the first place. Seriously, why would you want someone that was just fired by a competitor working for your factory?

Here are some of the most common reasons for getting fired:

Saying something inappropriate on Social Media
We've all know that we need to be careful about what we post on social media, yet people continue to get terminated every day for what they post online.

Never post disparaging remarks about your factory or boss online. People that go on a rant against their factory on social media are almost always terminated.

Stay away from hugely controversial posts that can be seen as highly offensive. If your online activity is offending your builders, you will be quickly replaced.

Getting Negative
The second you make the conscious decision of joining the others at the office who are negative, you are putting your future with the company in jeopardy. While you don't have to agree with everything that goes on, be sure to pick your battles wisely.

Becoming a gossip
This is an easy trap to fall into when joining a factory staff. You will quickly learn who the office gossip is. If you choose to take what you hear as gospel and start repeating it or hear some juicy news about someone else in the company and begin spreading it, you will find yourself as the new person that can’t keep their mouth shut and you will be fired.

My father had a saying about gossips. “A dog that gives a bone will take a bone.” It means that when a gossip gives you something juicy and you tell someone else, the person that told you may tell the boss that you are the one spreading gossip around the office instead of them.

You Aren't Completing Work on Time
Do you find it difficult to stick to deadlines? As they say, time is money. Employees who can't complete work as quickly as required cause problems for their employers. That is a really quick way to lose your job.

Acting like a Lone Wolf
In today's working environment, most people are expected to work as part of a team. Not everyone has strong social skills. However, effective communication is an essential piece to being a contributing member of a team. When you're a lone wolf you don't become fully part of the team.

When something goes wrong, all the blame can easily land on the lone wolf. You're much harder to get rid of if you're a team player.

Disobeying Your Boss
Sometimes you have worked for a factory long enough where you feel you might have built up a cache of builders and business big enough to take matters into your own hands.

However, disobeying your boss's clear intentions is a quick way to be let go. If you have suggestions on how to improve a project or process at work, always offer them up in a way that is constructive.

Using Inappropriate Behavior or Language
Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the office continues to cost many people their job. This is the reason most factories makes their employees go through sexual harassment training and other HR-related training on appropriate behavior in the workplace every year.

Despite these warnings, people continue to make bad decisions in the workplace that cost them their job. Just because Snoop Dog swears in his videos does not give you the right to use this language at work.

You Have a Very Quick Temper
Do you get angry very easily? If you are unable to manage your anger at work, your boss is likely to see you as a liability. Unchecked anger can escalate into physical violence.

According to the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), each year almost 2 million Americans report they were victims of workplace violence. Many more cases go unreported (OSHA. Workplace Violence.). If you can't get your temper in check on your own, you may have to seek professional help.

And you will the time to get that professional help because you no longer work for your factory.