Thursday, April 20, 2017

29 Story Modular Completed in London

Tide Construction and Vision Modular Systems have finished the set of the 29 story, 300 ft tall Apex House tower in north London.

It will accommodate 560 student rooms when completed and has been pieced together from 679 separate modules.

The modules have been produced at Vision Modular Systems’ factory in Bedford and are delivered to the site fully fitted with kitchen and bathroom as well as services such as electrics and light fittings.

Apex House is the fourth modular highrise by Vision Modular Systems and Tide Construction in the London borough of Brent, with the modules stacked up in a mere 13 weeks to reach 90 m in height.

Tide Construction chief executive Christy Hayes said: “We are delighted that both the housing minister Gavin Barwell and London mayor Sadiq Khan have made off-site construction a priority in the capital to help ease the strain on London’s housing supply.

“Modular construction provides a much faster alternative to traditional construction without compromising on the quality of the building, or the versatility of the design. Modular produces 80 per cent less waste, requires fewer onsite workers and provides certainty of cost and time.”

Too bad most developers in the US don’t share their love of modular...yet!

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