Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Modular Home Where Dreams Come True

Pictures just arrived in my email from Kris Megan of one of the latest homes from Dreamline Modular Homes in Lexington, MA. I’m always surprised when I see one of their homes, as one after another, they seem to keep raising the bar in fulfilling their buyer’s dreams.

This 5 bedroom, 4 bath 2 story beauty in Needham, MA is no exception. Everything from its custom kitchen to the tray ceilings, from granite countertops to designer baths is exactly what their client asked for.

If you are looking to bring your dream home to life in the Boston, MA area, contact Dreamline Modular Homes today.

Enjoy a look inside this custom modular home.


Bill Hart said...

Interiora are truly breath taking..

BUT exteriors to me still say mod. Actually other than Westchester or some of Ritz-craft elevations Ive seen..and still years after I quit building mods... most East coast mod elevations still scream tacky looking mod exteriors of twenty years ago; hire a good East coast vernacular architect guys!

Move on!

Carl Nolan said...

Bill, they really do all have that old tired look about them. I can't remember the last time I saw stone, brick or stucco on a modular home. I wonder if modular builders even know how to sell and install anything different than vinyl or plank siding.

Kris Megna, Dreamline Modular said...

Hi Bill and Carl,

Thank you for your comments on the house! As the designer of our company I do somewhat have to comment on what you are saying about looking "modular". First and foremost this is the Northeast and there is nothing about these houses that scream modular vs what the market demands. If you were to drive around the neighborhoods in the area where these are built you would never ever be able to tell modular vs stick built on these houses. I think what you are commenting on is more of a stigma of the Northeast market of building.

We build to suit and sit with our clients to design a home of exactly what they are looking for and in the budget they are trying for. We are not just throwing elevations together for something that looks "modular." It is what the client is asking for.

If I sound defensive apologies, but it is just such a blanket statement. To answer your question us "mod guys" do know how to install brick, stucco or stone (building one now with stone and one in stucco), but we don't get asked often to put this on a house. If we do we certainly can! As someone who comes from an architectural background and builds 30 homes a year, to whatever the client wants, these designs are what we get asked to build. We are truly a design/build firm and if given a plan, modular or stick built, it is what we design and build.

Appreciate the feedback!


Coach said...

I can tell you from my days as both a builder and a modular factory sales rep that very few home buyers wanted anything other than vinyl siding. Prepping a home for any other type of siding required extra work by the factory.

Kris Megna, Dreamline Modular said...

Very True Coach. To evaluate a little further as well I would say out of 30 homes that we build maybe 10 are vinyl. The two homes that are showcased in this article are different materials. One is vinyl (gray) and the other is James Hardie Fiber Cement. So again not all vinyl!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by both Bill and Carls comments. I've been building in Kris' area for the past 16 years and I can tell you that these houses are designed to fit in with the surrounding architecture. Also there is a limit to what the customer can and cannot afford. Don't let the lack of finished landscaping affect how you view these homes a simple search of area shows comparable homes that are not modular. Not every end customer has the has the budget to build and design an architecturally driven exterior that Bill so ineliquently spoke about. As for Carl, the stucco fad left us 20 years ago. Kris, keep up the great work, maybe next time these guys will do a little research on the type of houses you have already built and keep their ill informed comments to themselves.

Bill Hart said...

Love that anonymous slur..come out come out where ever you are..Im suprised at yours!

Anonymous said...

A bit shocking but I was getting bored.

It tells you something about knowledge of architecture and local or parochial tastes. The stone and stucco referred to are also (if they are to be cost effective) are also fake -- that is a hard sell to Yankees.

William aka "Little Bill" said...

Is stucco even an option in the New England market. As a "Yankee" who is also a world traveler, I can say that I have never seen stucco used in the New England market.