Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beracah Homes Teams Up with ZeMod Delaware

Milford Housing Development Corporation, in collaboration with the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, recently announced the creation of ZeMod Delaware - a new, zero-energy modular home program with an emphasis on affordability.

The ZeMod Delaware program is designed to replace manufactured homes (also referred to as mobile homes) with modular homes that fit a traditional manufactured home footprint. ZeMod homes will improve the durability, sustainability, and affordability of housing in Delaware.

"This project is probably on the tip of the spear as far as energy efficiency. This home produces as much energy as it uses and it does that thru a number of systems." Said Roger Collison from Beracah Homes, who are building the homes.


The program is designed to replace manufactured homes or mobile homes with modular homes. They will improve durability, sustainability, and affordability of housing in Delaware.

"I see this as another tool to make sure that, it is not just affordable today but it is sustainable in the future." Said Director of Delaware State Housing Anas Ben Addi.

This innovative program will leverage existing Delaware affordable housing activities as well as private and public mortgage capital. ZeMod homes are expected to be extremely energy efficient with the anticipated average energy costs of only $100 a year.

"The reason that the department of energy cares is that we get the market. Let's say we get 30 percent of houses built this way. That is about a trillion dollars that go back into the economy." Said U.S. Department of Energy Chief Architect Sam Rashkin.

The program offers homeowners energy efficient incentive grants to buy down incremental cost of energy efficiency features. All homeowners are eligible for this assistance, regardless of income. In addition, down payment assistance grants are being offered, based on income.

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