Monday, April 3, 2017

California Assembly Introduces Higher Wages for Construction Workers

A CA Assembly bill designed to give construction workers a huge raise has come under fire from builders and elected leaders saying that AB199 would put homes out of reach for millions of people.


Democratic assemblymember Kansen Chu of San Jose introduced the bill which would force home builders to pay a "prevailing wage" on many housing projects.

He believes it would offer a fair wage. AB199 has the backing of a Construction Labor Union, but Mike Prandini of the Building Industry Association says a prevailing wage hike would make it difficult to build a home for under $350,000.

Construction workers, whether they were roofers or laborers cleaning up sites, would be paid much more, sometimes as much as 3-4 times more.

"That drives up the cost of a single-family residential home by $30,000 to $60,000," Dennis Gaab with Benchmark Communities said.

"And it takes a significant portion of the population out of the affordability range."

Assembly Bill 199 is expected to go before the appropriations committee in the next few weeks.

If it passes, watch for other Construction Labor Unions to push for passage in other states. This could have a devastating effect on all site built housing. Let’s hope that off-site housing does not fall under this law.


Anonymous said...

I would be glad to see the base construction wage pushed through. Skilled labor has been screwed over for over a decade now. Probably more. We can thank the wealthy dirtbags that have been running america in the ground. They brought in the illegals, brought in the hispanic cheap labor and displaced almost all of the american work force. Sent our factories overseas etc. I as a good american are fed up with the new world order sell our america bullshit.

Try cutting taxes instead of cutting skilled peoples wages. Oh yeah cut into the power and control of our elite criminals running the construction industry. Many builders quite frankly belong in prison. They are traitors to their own nation and their own people.

I can go on. According to the US census the American people have 1000 more square ft of crap built house today than they had in 1971. Ok as a builder I have had enough of this bullshit. I remember when the trades were a good business to go into. Not anymore.

Modular is the way to go for new housing but people just don't get it for whatever reason. They think that site built home is like the one 30 or 50 years ago and it is not. People like me that really know how to build a site built home properly will not do it anymore for a large number of reasons and it is not profitable.

Want people to afford homes? Stop making it happen impoverishing the american skilled worker. I am not your slave and will not be. I am a American. One more can't build homes for 9% does not work. Also if I build a volume I want the american dream not scrap and work my ass off for nothing. Stuff this in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

You should put your name to a comment like that.