Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Clayton Teams Up with High End Architect on Tiny Houses

A few years ago the tiny house movement was just in its infancy. It was crawling along hoping that it would get the strength to begin walking on its own. Today the tiny house world is expanding rapidly and running with the best of them.

It was just included as a supplement in the 2018 IRC Code which will open many more doors for builders of tiny homes to become more accepted by local zoning and code officials.

It also meant that the big guns of the manufactured and modular industry have taken notice and I predict that the tiny house market will quickly become one dominated not by small local builders working out of their sheds and garages but by large national systems builders.


Recently Clayton Homes teamed up with Alabama’s Mountain Brook-based architect Jeffrey Dungan, known for his clean and modern houses he has designed across the United States.

These homes are typically a million dollars-plus, or in other words, the antithesis of the manufactured residences that Maryville, Tenn.-based Clayton Homes is known for.

That's what makes the Jeffrey Dungan Architects and Clayton Homes partnership unique.

One of his designs for tiny home called the Low Country is featured in the Alabama Center for Architecture's new exhibit, Living Space: Tiny House Project.

The Low Country is tiny at 393 square feet, but the design incorporates high-end finishes such as poplar bark siding, cedar shake shingles, aluminum-clad windows, oak flooring and whitewashed ceiling beams. The home can sleep eight people and boasts lots of storage space.

Clayton Homes is building these made-to-order Low Country in their Addison facility. The approximately $120,000 homes take six-to-eight weeks to construct.

Modular home construction is often equated to when automobiles were first produced one at a time in small garages in just about every small town in the US. As time passed, these garages disappeared and large corporations took the auto business and as they say, ‘The rest is history.’

I look for the same thing to happen with the tiny house movement. Small builders being forced out by the big guys now that the IRC Code for Tiny Houses has been added for 2018.

Irontown Modular Homes recently built a full IRC tiny house that has been getting rave reviews.

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