Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dave Cooper Quickly Becoming Modular Housing’s Media Celebrity

Dave Cooper from Connecticut Valley Homes in New England is the new rising star of modular home construction in the East.

Dave Cooper, CT Valley Homes
Once you “friend” him (CT Valley Homes) on Facebook, it hard not to see his latest video where he is interviewing customers at the jobsite, watching a house being set or as in the video below, showing you the latest and greatest options for modular housing.

For those that watch the TV show ‘Last Man Standing’ starring Tim Allen, Dave will remind you of Tim’s video monologue at the end of every show. Good Stuff Dave!

Be sure to look for him on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. This is marketing done right.


Anonymous said...

This is a great video, although I felt like at first I was swimming around in a fishbowl LOL. But seriously, it was refreshing to hear Dave talk about the details and finishes that modular construction easily accomplishes. Many marketing videos will only show the home, which in many cases works because the home is beautiful. But I also think that sometimes consumers like to be informed verbally because they can't capture all the goodness with only visuals. Keep up the good work CT Valley Homes!

Sonnenbrille said...

Its nice to see a modular company in New England that has a great online presence!