Friday, April 21, 2017

Modcoach Interviewed for Green Building Advisor's ‘Blueprint Robotics’ Article

A Baltimore company is pioneering the use of industrial robots to build single-family homes

Fast, precise and uncomplaining, industrial robots revolutionized the automotive industry with production lines that rarely needed a break and mechanical employees who never filed an insurance claim. Now, a group of Baltimore-based entrepreneurs is betting the same approach can work wonders for the U.S. housing market.


Operating in a 200,000-square-foot factory in Baltimore, Blueprint Robotics has developed a process for building panelized building components — nearly complete wall, roof, and floor sections — with sophisticated machines that cut parts precisely and take the drudgery and errors, out of assembly. The company promises high quality and low prices and a finished product that will beat what conventional building techniques can produce.

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Anonymous said...

This bunch hired a marketing type to interview with a number of people in the industry re: input on feasibility of the thing. They interviewed me. I don't know if labor in skilled trades will become so dear

We have seen attempts at automation before. Fabrication is the harbinger of automation. However, I don't think we understand home building well enough to give it to robots.

Or maybe I'm just becoming an old, suspicious, conservative prick.