Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More April Job Listings Have Arrived

LGA Recruiters has sent me their latest openings for the Modular and HUD industry. If you're looking for a change and a new challenge, CLICK HERE to visit their website.

Tell them Modcoach sent you. If you find a new career from this list, you owe me a cup of coffee. Good luck in your new job!

Midwest/ Quality Mgr/ HUD / MOD

West/ Project Mgr/ Commcl / MOD

Pacific NW/ Purchasing;/ MOD

Northeast/ Engineering Mgr/ MOD

Northeast/ Service Mgr/ HUD / MOD

Pacific NW/ Engineering Mgr/ MOD

Southeast/ Production / Mgr./ HUD / MOD

South/ Service Mgr./ HUD / MOD

Southeast/ Sales Rep./ Bldg. Materials

South/ Sales/ Commcl / MOD

South/ QA Manager/ HUD / MOD

Southeast/ Sales Rep./ HUD / MOD

Midwest/ Drafting Mgr./ MOD

Pacific NW/ General Mgr./ MOD

Pacific NW/ Asst. Prod. Mgr./ HUD / MOD

AL, MS, LA/ Sales Rep./ HUD / MOD

KY, VA, TN, NC/ Sales Rep./ HUD / MOD

IN, OH/ Sales Rep./ MOD

South/ Asst. Prod. Mgr./ HUD / MOD

Upper Midwest/ Production / Mgr./ MOD

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