Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Should Modular Home Builders Offer Landscape Packages?

As I rummaged through all things modular on the Internet today I discovered something I had never given much thought to; landscape packages offered by the big Tract Home builders. I realize that every tract builder supplies turf along with some plantings but to learn that there are options that they can build right into the mortgage was a little surprising.

Actually what I found was a landscaper in Phoenix, Arizona that contracts with 12 of the biggest tract builders in the state. By clicking on a particular tract builder on their site it brings up the basic landscape package and several different options tailored just for that developer.


I found this absolutely fascinating. Each builder specifies what the basic landscaping includes and offers options, all financed with the house.

front yard option.JPG
This is in Phoenix, AZ

I’m not sure how many modular home builders have a relationship with a landscaper to provide a basic landscape package that is included in the base price of the home but what a great advantage it would be. Most small site builders would never do that with many only racking back the disturbed topsoil and seeding it with 50# of cheap contractor grass.

Just another random thought from the mind of Modcoach.


Anonymous said...

Sounds GREAT!.....But, Some places in the USA...are BEARLY getting Appraisal's for the Home, Let alone Landscaping and other amenities...Just Saying...

Anonymous said...

They are a pain in the ass to warrant coach. They are subject to too much expectation for what u sell the scrubby schrubs for.