Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Taking the Modular Home Message Directly to Site Builders

The people at modular home factories have been trying for years to find ways to bring more site builders and developers into modular industry. Yesterday I witnessed something I haven’t seen in quite some time; builders lined up to get more information about modular.

Lynn Kuhns, President of Apex Homes of PA in Middleburg, PA, took the modular message directly into the heart of site builder territory by giving members of the Harrisburg, PA Home Builder’s Association an introduction to the benefits of what our industry can do for them. He has talked to groups of builders that were interested in modular before hearing him talk but this was his first time taking his message directly to an HBA chapter.


He called his presentation “Modular Housing 101” and as I looked around the room at the 17 builders and developers in the HBA’s Education Room, everyone was glued to his talk.


Lynn talked about what modular can do for them and as the minutes went by more and more of the builders asked questions. Site builders talked about the lack of skilled labor in their area being a problem and Lynn explained modular’s advantage in helping with it. Questions about cost, lead time, set crews, subcontractors, building code officials and third party inspections were also answered by Lynn.

Luxury homes, affordable housing, multifamily and commercial projects were discussed and what was to be about an hour talk turned into two hours and after it was over, people were lined up waiting to talk to him. It was the first time some of the builders had ever seen pictures of a modular production line and they were glued to the screen.

Lynn had a great presentation and an open invitation was given for everyone to tour Apex Homes and learn first hand what modular has to offer.

His talking directly to builders and developers may not convert any of them overnight but you could see the wheels turning and their wanting to know more about modular construction.

Great job Lynn.


Carl Nolan said...

I remember the good old days when we just sat and waited for the builder to call us begging take their orders. Those days are gone and we will need more people like Lynn Kuhns getting out of their offices and visiting groups of builders where they live. Nice work Lynn.

Steve L said...

I would also suggest meet with the City or County Director of Community Development or zoning department officials. It is best to be proactive to the decision makers of land use than the builders.