Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Confusing World of Actual vs Modeled Energy

Last week I listened Rick Terry, an experienced HERS Rater and energy consultant, when he talked to a group of people at Westchester Homes. There are so many different things happening in energy codes and regulations that after 2 hours I felt I needed bread crumbs to find my way back.

It takes someone very experienced like Rick to model your new home for energy requirements before it even leaves the factory. But once a home is built, delivered and finished and the buyer has lived in it for a couple of years, just how accurate were those predictions?

I found this great video from Adam Cohen talking about Actual vs Modeled Performance. I still needed a few breadcrumbs to find my way home but it a thoroughly enjoyable video and I have a better understanding what goes into energy modeling a new home.

Enjoy and be sure to watch his other videos about LEED, Passive and others.

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josh margulies said...

well done Gary! thanks!

By the way - if you never met this guy you should read some of his work. He is probably way to expensive to have address us but maybe the MBI ...


I think he is extremely good - moderately insane and expensive but very, very good.