Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blu Homes Lowers Prices and Allows DIY Construction

Blu® Homes, Inc. ("Blu"), North America's leading provider of premium prefab homes, today announced new, lower, standalone home prices along with a "DIY" option for families and general contractors who choose to manage their own site work when purchasing their dream Blu home.

Either they learned that having someone else build their homes saved them money and they are passing it on to the consumer or they found out their homes were too expensive for even the northern CA market. Either way, this could be good news for Blu Homes.


"We are thrilled to be able to provide our customers this new option to buy a standalone Blu home," said Zephan McMinn, Blu Homes CEO. "While most of our buyers want Blu to manage their entire turnkey project, this new option provides more flexibility for homeowners, general contractors and developers who choose to reduce their infrastructure costs by managing their own project. We expect this option will be most attractive for experienced builders or future buyers outside our core Bay Area geography."    

Blu's award-winning Breezehouse™, Solaire and Lotus can be toured at Blu's Model Home Village on Mare Island in Vallejo CA, just a short drive from Napa and Sonoma valleys. Model home visits are open Tuesday through Saturday by private appointment.

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Backyard Home Pro said...

So let me get this right. They're closing the factory and going with contract builds from other factories and they're not doing any of the site work. What exactly is their value to the consumer again? Sounds a lot like the original Michelle Kaufman business model that failed prior to Blu buying the rights to the products and blowing $150M on a poorly managed business.