Thursday, May 25, 2017

Connecticut Punishes Modular Industry Over Ridiculous Theory

Rumor has it the reason Connecticut is so hard on the modular industry is that they believe that our carriers/ transporters are not sufficient to carry the wider loads and are prone to breakdowns .

OK to ship during Daylight hours

OK to ship during daylight hours

OK to ship during daylight hours

Must be shipped at night because it may fall of carrier

The state does not want these breakdowns to take place during peak traffic hours and hence the restriction is as it is.


It would have been nice if Connecticut DOT Commissioner James Redeker could have traveled about an hour and explained that theory to the huge group of modular and manufactured housing factory management and New England builders that met at the Modular Summit on May 17th in Springfield, MA.


Anonymous said...

Typical Connecticut.
As a builder in CT this is just one more item that makes me want to move out.

Rubi S said...

Here in Quebec & Ontario Canada we can only ship during daytlight hours. We also cant't haul the homes until after 9:30 am