Thursday, May 18, 2017

Marriott’s Journey Into Modular Hotels Gathering Steam

It has been quite a while since something this big has hit the modular construction industry and now that it has many in the modular industry were not prepared for it.


Marriott, the world’s largest name in the lodging business spent several years trying to find a better, quicker way to build hotels and now that they have embraced modular as one of the best ways to do it, the sheer numbers are almost overwhelming.


They are currently in the process of signing contracts for 50 modular hotels this year and if what they presented to their franchisees at their annual meeting where they gave a green light for more of them to go modular, that number could climb to 300 hotels over the next 24 months.

“Construction is the next frontier for innovation, and modular is leading the way,” said Eric Jacobs, Marriott International’s Chief Development Officer of Select Brands, North America.

Modular construction shortens building time and reduces the need for skilled labor at the construction site. The prefabricated rooms are built in a factory, painted and furnished before they are put on a truck and shipped to the construction site.

There is an even bigger opportunity coming to the modular industry. The biggest franchisees for Marriott are also the biggest for other hotel chains including Hilton, Holiday Inn and Choice.

Once they really start to see the advantages modular can bring to their industry and to their bottom lines we could be looking at upwards of 600 hotels going modular.

“We believe the modular process will be a game changer for our valued development partners, especially during a time when labor shortages can be a challenge to timely openings,” said Karim Khalifa, Marriott International’s Senior Vice President of Global Design Strategies. “As modular construction gains popularity and acceptance in the hotel industry, costs can also decrease over time.”

Watch for new modular factories using robotic technology to begin springing up that can feed this need for modular hotels.

The future is looking very bright for the modular construction industry.

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