Friday, May 19, 2017

Modular Summit Rated a Success by Participants

The most recent Modular Home Summit in Springfield, Massachusetts was rated as “excellent” by over 70% of the participants. Co-hosted by the Modular Home Builders Association and Modcoach, the event attracted fifty-seven total participants who heard about code and regulation updates from New York Department of State (NYDOS) and the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS).


Rob Anderson, Chief of Inspections for MA BBRS, started the day with a series of updates from the recently approved 9th Edition of the building codes. Rob stated that the new codes go into effect on July 1, of this year, but builders still had the option of using the 8th Edition until January 2, 2018.

Joe Hill, Don Thomas, and Daryl Andreades presented on behalf of NYDOS and answered pre-submitted questions from the industry. NYDOS still accepts third party reviewed and approved plans for residential projects. For commercial projects however, the decision to accept third party approvals is “at their discretion.” Regarding the use of foam only assemblies, the state will continue to allow this practice while working with the manufacturers of the products form more details.

Mr. Hill also advised the industry to review and comment on the upcoming 2017 supplement to the code, which includes a provision that may trigger mandatory sprinkler systems in single family homes. If you build a two-story home and add a habitable attic space, that will trigger the requirement for sprinkler systems to be installed in the whole house.

Mr. Hill also clarified that all modular homes going into New York, including New York City, need to go through the DOS program. Regarding systems package approvals once the 2017 supplemental code is adopted, factories will not have to resubmit entire packages referencing the supplement, just an updated cover page.

Alex Pollard from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) gave a brief presentation about a $1 million grant program to build new modular homes to replace older manufactured homes in Massachusetts. DOER is looking for developers/partners to submit a turnkey plan on how they will use the funds to meet the program objectives. The solicitation information can be found at under the Zero Energy Modular Affordable Housing Initiative.

Mary Gaiski of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Institute and Tom Hardiman of MHBA gave a history and update of transportation issues in the Northeast. It is clear that this issue will need to be addressed state-by-state, starting with the most extreme situations in Connecticut.

Rick Wenner of PFS and Chuck Osterday of NTA closed out the summit with several recommendations and best practices as to how to speed up the approval process.

The event was sponsored by Muncy Homes, Champion, Universal Forest Products, and Harvey Building Products.

Article by Tom Hardiman, Executive Director of the MHBA

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