Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Texas Modular Home Factory Targeting Millennials

Mirax Modular Homes, a design-driven manufacturer of prefabricated modular homes, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign today. The Houston-based company seeks to raise at least $2,000,000 on EquityNet, a pioneer of business crowdfunding. The funds will let Mirax meet the growing demand from Millennial first-time home buyers and Baby Boomer empty-nesters for affordable homes with modern designs.


Mirax will manufacture its high-quality modular homes from a Houston facility ideally positioned to serve home purchasers across Southeast Texas. Houston will soon pass Chicago to become America’s third-largest city thanks to an influx of young professionals attracted by the city’s diverse culture and thriving economy.

“Modular construction with a modern design presents a growing opportunity in today’s real estate market,” said Mirax founder and CEO Victor Valov. “Millennials are finally buying homes for their new families. At the same time, Baby Boomers are downsizing to a more manageable lifestyle. Prefab modern homes meet the aesthetic and financial needs of both demographics.”

Mirax will combine modular home construction with a modern, European aesthetic. Modular’s more efficient construction process can yield a finished house in less time and a lower cost. It also lets homeowners get the modern designs associated with more expensive properties.

“Clean lines and large-format windows fill a Mirax home with natural light,” explained Mirax Creative Designer Marie Cole. “The surrounding landscape becomes part of the living space to make the homes feel much larger than traditionally constructed homes.”

In addition to selling modular homes, Mirax will provide turnkey solutions: land, landscaping, and modern modular home. Designing an experience that makes the most of Mirax homes’ wide-open vistas maximizes the value for the homeowner and for Mirax’s investors.

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