Monday, June 26, 2017

Are you ready to build a home for a Millennial?

Marketing and selling modular homes will never be the same. The old ‘tried and true’ sales methods simply will not work on them.


Consider the mounting evidence: Millennials now make up the largest generational block in the U.S. and hold about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. By 2020, they’ll comprise 50% of the U.S. workforce. Simply put, ignoring the sales opportunities millennials afford is a very bad idea.

“There are 80 million of them. Besides traditional housing that you’ve always sold, the Millennial will be looking for Tiny Houses, ADU’s, container homes (because they are rage on social media) and unique condo and apartment arrangements.

Gone are the days when a simple “Buy Now!” sales pitch worked for this market.

Millennials have grown up with those types of ad continually bombarded in their senses, and they’re tired of it.

Don’t sell to them outright. You need to convince them why, in a way that benefits them greatly, and without looking like a blatant product placement from their favorite TV series.

For example, attempt to sell to them by showing them the environment and social benefits of buying a modular home. Smaller carbon footprint, sustainable materials and energy conservation just to name a couple. 58% of Millennials say they look more favorable on products that are environmentally friendly.

This is a way for you to drive sales without directly saying “Buy now” anywhere in your marketing or sales process.

Skip the TV and radio – millennials hardly pay attention or even use those anymore. A lot of them don’t even have cable, using KODI to watch movies that are still in theatres and shows on HBO, Showtime, etc, for free. If you don’t know what KODI is, you may not be prepared to properly market to a Millennial.

They’re more than likely tuned into their phones or devices, browsing the Internet for hours on end, and that’s your best avenue for reaching them.

Millennials grew up in the age of websites and social networking including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, online shops, etc. Trying to reach their eyeballs with yesterday’s marketing techniques is a total waste of your time and money.

This doesn’t mean that meeting them in real time isn’t necessary. Quite the opposite. They want to meet you and you absolutely need to meet them. There may not be as many meetings during the sales and building processes as you’ve had in the past but face to face meetings are still a must.

For general lines of questions or quick inquiries, keep your WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger lines open. You can also utilize social media for this, as well as the private message options that can be found on various platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Emails and phone calls are reserved for more lengthy transactions, business-related matters, longer inquiries (such as reporting or detailing problems) or those concerning personal information.

In-person inquiries are mostly used as a last resort by millennials and be reserved for important meetings.

Millennials are quite busy and always shifting from one activity to another. Holding them longer than they want to will bore them and will render your marketing and sales efforts unimportant for them. This is not to say, however, that they are attention-deficit. They’ll only pay attention to what they want to, in the right medium.


Only 26% are married, 33% of them have four year college degrees and over 50% of them have ”logo” coffee cups. Who would have thought?

They’ll also fact-check what you’re telling them regardless of what you tell them, so it’s almost a wasted effort trying to explain everything rather than letting them have the natural curiosity to explore. Your goal is to convince them why they need you to be their builder in the least amount of time it takes, but leave out the heavier, more detailed information for the face to face meetings so you don’t waste your time, and theirs. Don’t go into a whole spiel about your homes unless you’re sure they’re more than ready to listen until the end.

Don’t try using ‘smoke and mirror’ or jargon filled marketing techniques. Millennials have a great tendency to fact-check, whether you want them to or not. They’ll scour the Internet to learn more about what you are trying to sell to them so they aren’t caught in any surprises that they might not like – and if they are, millennials are more than willing to spread the word about it.

Unlike Gen X’ers or Boomers, this Generation listens and reads quite well and if you are caught in puffing or misleading them, they will not only tell eleven of their friends, they will tell all thousand of their social media friends!

Don’t try too hard to relate to them – they can figure it out. Millennials want real, down-to-earth people who can truly connect with them and give them the truth.

In short, they want authenticity to counteract their skepticism. Be consistent and transparent with whatever you tell them about your goods or services, and if their fact-checking reveals that you were right, they will be more eager to listen the next time.

If you have been observing things that millennials have trended over the years in social media, you’ll see how many of these are because millennials felt strongly about them. Millennials’ emotions are one of the ruling factors for their engagement tendencies. Make them laugh, make them cry, give them something that will have an impact on their beliefs and their world.

Impressing millennials requires you to act as the guiding point in regards to both your business and how it relates to their lives. They want to know that you can hear them, you can acknowledge their problems, and solve it for them.

Acting like an expert who has the solutions to their housing needs will let you develop a relationship with them, and ultimately makes you a trustworthy business in their judgment.

Create content about your homes and the benefits of owning one from you. Always be ready to answer what they are asking you and do it quickly. Open their eyes to problems they never knew they had and present your solution afterwards.

These methods allow you to establish yourself as a person they can approach when they are confused and will let them remember you more.

The sad reality about millennials is that they’re always stereotyped. They have short attention spans, are always glued to their phones, entitled, etc.

Removing your preconceived notion of millennial traits may be your greatest tickets to having success in selling them new modular homes.

With millennials quickly entering the workforce, you may have some under your wing as well. Ask them what ways appeal to them, and coordinate with it accordingly. After all, they are the next generation who are already making huge impacts with the purchasing market and will continue to do so for the next years.

They are your next big market!

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Carl Nolan said...

I can't believe this article has not received a single comment. Are we a bunch of old people thinking this newest group of homebuyers will be just like the last? Coach laid out a plan for us to follow and if we don't start reacting to it we have nobody else to blame if we are out of business in 5 years.

Time to get our collective heads out of the sand.