Monday, June 12, 2017

Beracah Homes Open House Totally Awesome

On June 3rd I drove to Beracah Homes to see another factory Open House. Every factory has a different idea of what an Open House should be. Some invite everyone on their mailing list while others advertise locally and still others invite their builders’ prospective new home buyers to attend.

Beracah House 2.jpg

Beracah Homes has an advantage over most modular home factories by being located on the Delmarva Peninsula, a strip land that extends from Wilmington, DE at the north end through MD’s Eastern Shore and ends 210 miles later in Cape Charles, VA. There are only 3 ways onto Delmarva, at Wilmington where the peninsula is land attached to the north, by the Bay Bridge connecting it to Maryland at Annapolis and finally at the most southern end by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel.

This makes it difficult for other modular factories to ship homes into their territory. It also means that one TV station located in Salisbury, MD and a couple of newspapers can cover their entire marketing area.

Because of this unique situation, getting the word out to every new home buyer in Delmarva is a manageable feat which proved very successful on June 3rd.

Driving into the Beracah complex I encountered quite a reception. The first thing that I noticed were all the people wearing blue shirts with Beracah Homes printed on the front and “Staff” written on the back directing traffic into an almost filled huge parking lot. From there we were directed to a reception tent where more blue shirts were signing up visitors and handing out large Open House brochures and a “Map.”

Beracah OH Brochure.jpg

Turns out you actually needed a map to make sure you saw everything. 4 model homes including the Zemod net zero home, the new design Center and classroom complex, food trucks including my favorite, Chick-fil-a, a live band and finally a tour of the factory.

chick fil a.jpg

Two of the models, the Greenwood and the Zemod, were so filled with visitors that at times it was tough to make your way through. Those Blue Shirts were answering questions left and right.
Beracah Model  f.jpg

Beracah House 1.jpg

The new design center was also packed with visitors, many of them picking out their favorite kitchen cabinet styles, flooring and countertops. Roger Collison, the President of Beracah Homes was personally manning this area and answering everyone’s questions.

Beracah House 3.jpg

The tour of the factory was what every factory does best and this was no different. Those blue shirts were everywhere. I walked with one group that was fascinated with the entire process. When I asked a couple of them if they would consider modular for their new home, every one of them said they had no idea that a factory built home could be this nice and would really consider it for their next home.

Beracah Prod 1.jpg

I was there for about 90 minutes and during that time I would estimate there were over 500 people following the map and enjoying the Open House. I heard later they had over 1,500 people take the tour. Now that is AWESOME!

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