Monday, June 19, 2017

Dickinson Homes Unveils Very Popular IRC Tiny House

Dickinson Homes, located in Kingsford, MI, thought you would be good idea to build a real IRC modular “tiny home” in a modular factory.  


Their Aspen design has a full living and kitchen along with bedroom and a bathroom with laundry.  

Aspen 3.jpg

It is built to set on a permanent basement or crawlspace as they are constructed to the regular residential building code.  Since they opened this model in March their walk in, Internet and phone traffic has significantly increased.

Aspen 2.jpg
Aspen 5.jpg

Aspen 1.jpg

The Aspen is our 601 s.f. take on the tiny home concept. Modern details with a monopitch roof and large window spaces. Open living room, full size kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (w/ washer & dryer) all under a pitched ceiling covered in western red cedar T&G.

Several factories have built ‘no wheel’ Tiny Houses so far and the last I heard they are getting orders from home buyers and builders.

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