Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Modular is NOT Manufactured Housing. Confusion Perpetuated by Media

TV Station News 3 in Memphis, TN recently did a story that shows their reporter doesn’t know the difference between a modular home built to IRC standards and mobile homes built to the less restrictive HUD could and set in place above ground.

Is it the reporter’s fault she didn’t know to ask or the TV station’s editor’s fault? It’s probably neither of their faults as they assume, just like a vast majority of America that modular means mobile home and vice versa.

Even though the houses were properly identified within the article, the headline was what people first see and equate modular with manufactured housing.

The MHBA started a program about a year ago to educate consumers on exactly a modular home’s benefits are over both site built homes and manufactured housing. They can’t do this alone. If you are a builder, a factory owner or a modular factory sales rep and see this type of inaccurate reporting in your area, you need to contact the newspaper, radio or TV station and let them know that they are perpetuating a myth that needs corrected. They are devaluing the entire modular housing industry.

Here is the article that should prompt someone in the Memphis area to call and ask them to do a story on a modular home being set in the area and the benefits of modular construction.

Modular home community reopens after

it was destroyed in historic flooding

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Six years after historic rain inundated the Mid-South, one complex is back up and open for business.

We can’t forget those images of the historic floods of 2011, wiping out the Memphis Mobile City off Thomas Street.

Since then the developer for the property had to overhaul where the manufactured homes were built…and they’re finally open to live in.

The new development is called the Memphis Blues Community.

Right now there are 25 homes with 13 families living in the gated community.

Residents who live there now are confident there won't be flooding issues in the future.

CLICK HERE to read the entire News 3 article


Chuck Owings said...

Interesting he uses both Modular Housing and Manufactured Housing in the same article as if they were interchangeable.

It's a problem I run into almost every time I talk to a potential client and a problem I address in detail on my website.

Problem being, I offer to do a "FREE' estimate up front for one of our standard plans. Unfortunately, they are expecting a price consistent with a pre-manufactured house. I've got a stack of these estimates...

Jane Ellis said...

Mobile and modular homes are two different things and they shouldn't be used interchangeably. Modular homes are just like homes that are built on-site, only they are manufactured in a factory - and they are not mobile.