Thursday, June 15, 2017

Out With the Blu - In With the OS

Lennar Mare Island (LMI) and Holliday Development announced that Factory_OS, a division of Holliday Development, will be opening a new manufacturing facility later this year in historic Building 680 on Mare Island.

Blu Homes building 680.jpg
Mare Island Building 680 where Blu Homes was located

 Former tenant Blu Homes, a manufacturer of high priced folding prefabricated housing, recently vacated the space and downsized to being a builder rather than a manufacturer/builder operating exclusively in Northern CA.

Factory_OS will manufacture multifamily housing in the 250,000-square foot space, offering a controlled environment where developers can complete their projects faster and at lower cost than conventional construction. The primary goal of Factory_OS is to reduce the cost of housing for individuals and families and includes the involvement of UC Berkeley's Terner Center for Housing Innovation. The facility is anticipated to open by December 2017.

Built in 1940, Building 680 is one of Mare Island's largest buildings. As part of its commitment to building rehabilitation, especially for historic structures on Mare Island, LMI invested significant resources upgrading the interior and exterior of Building 680, making it ready for future users, including repainting the exterior and refurbishing the "Mare Island Naval Shipyard" sign at the top.

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