Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seattle’s Greenfab Homes Delivers a Backyard Cottage

Sometimes you have to wonder why the West Coast is ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to innovations in housing. Backyard cottages being one of them.

greenfab (1).jpg

ADU’s (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) are becoming an everyday sight in the Seattle area where vacant land is hard to find. These ADU’s can be used for In-Laws, grown children, ADA ‘Granny Pods’ and even as rentals.

Greenfab, a modular builder located in Seattle has been at the forefront of ADU movement and one of their latest ‘Backyard Cottage’ is a great example of their custom design.

I noticed a few things on this house that are different from modulars in other areas of the country. The flipped front and rear porch roofs were quite clever.

Enjoy this well done video:

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Bill Hart said...

When working there opposed to back East, found that many CA SMAs do in fact specifically allow a second building on a sfd lot!

Dont try it anywhere else.. unless it specifically proved for in property deeds protective covenants and/or zoning.....good luck..