Monday, July 17, 2017

A Folding “Modular” Structure Looking for a Market

A brand-new concept, the folding home, has been developed by British company Ten Fold Engineering. The modular house can construct itself in just eight minutes without builders or cranes.


Unlike Blu Homes, the folding permanent home now sold in Northern CA, this “home” can be shipped worldwide and delivered by flatbed trailers.

The ‘home’ simply arrives on the back of a truck and unfolds into a building that is ready to occupy for a minimal residence or office. With the press of a button the flat pack house unfolds itself and can be put away again just as easily.

If it ever comes to the US, it definitely would not meet current IRC building codes as a permanent home or local zoning, planning, building codes or people's negative attitudes.

One area of non-permanent residence application it might fill is that of a temporary “Granny Pod” or “Auxiliary Dwelling Unit” but that would be a stretch. Even the tiny house people would have a hard time figuring out how to move it quickly and the initial cost would be prohibitive.

The buildings can be customized but come complete with pre-installed fixtures and fittings and are 690 sq ft in size. Even the furnishings are included in the package as they too come in a folded state.

The fold away homes cost just $131,000 and don’t require owners to purchase any land.

The Ten Fold design has several other potential purposes aside from homes such as classrooms, medical centers and shops.

The idea is only in the concept stage at present although six working prototypes have been made and it seems there is plenty of interest from abroad with 3,000 folding homes planned for South Africa.

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