Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Referral Secret for Modular Home Builders

Marketing your modular home business usually involves taking out an ad in a newspaper, making improvements to your website and telling everyone you meet throughout the day what you can build for them.

Some of you have begun to use social media to market your homes with more builders doing it every day. This is a great way to market your company. Pictures of modules being delivered and set, photos of finished homes and even videos and ‘live’ feeds are being posted, especially on Facebook.

But if you want to step it up one notch and start getting more referral from your current customers, you may want to try using this secret marketing tool.

We all like to brag about our accomplishments and things we buy but after a while it becomes irritating to others.

“Did you see my new BMW?” or “You should see the huge ring I bought my wife” can only be told so often before it goes from informing your friends to outright bragging and one upmanship.

So how do you get your customer to tell all their friends, relatives and co-workers that they are building a new home without saying it so often that your company becomes associated with their ugly bragging?

Here is the secret of turning their bragging into a powerful referral.

Step One: take pictures of the customer’s new home just like you always do. Maybe of the modules arriving and being set.


Step Two: make sure you take pictures of your customer and their family standing in front of their home. Take at least 3 or 4 of the family at different stages of the process; watching the modules arriving, watching the crane set and at least 2 of them standing in front of the weathertight house.


Step Three: Post the pictures on Facebook with the customer’s first names. Always ask permission to use their last name as some won’t want it.

Step Four: Email your customer when you post it and tell them they look great standing in front of their new home.

Now the most amazing thing will happen. Your customers will tell everyone they know that their ‘builder’ posted pictures of their new home and how much they like working with you. You will be their hero.

The views and comments of that post will surprise you. Referrals without any extra effort on your part.

One extra step, make a comment on the FB post AFTER several of their friends make comments to reinforce just how great it is to have them for customers.

It’s their time to bask in the limelight without bragging.

People love compliments and putting their pictures on Facebook will go a long way to bringing in referrals.

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Gwen Elliott said...

GREAT points Coach. We'll be doing this.