Monday, July 24, 2017

DC Developer Using Blueprint Robotics for New Homes

Real estate development company Prefab Partners has announced the launch of two innovative homes in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington, DC.


The company is calling the design “Farmhouse.Modern” and each is listed at $1,995,000.

Use Blueprint Robotics’ sophisticated aerospace robotics provided Prefab Partners with unrivaled build quality and cutting-edge technology packaged in a modern prefabricated farmhouse aesthetic. The homes should be complete by mid-fall.

Created using a new form of modular home design called "Aerospace Robotic Panelization", all the elements of the homes are cut and created by robots and then shipped and built on the lot of the home. The typical turnaround time from delivery of the materials to getting the structure of the homes created can be done in 1-3 days.  

Unlike other modular homes that are forced to have a strict design, these panelized homes can be fully customized and designed by an architect.  Most of the materials used in the home are sourced from recycled materials.  

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Harris - Finish Werks said...

My email to "Farmhouse.Modern"

From: Harris Woodward []
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 6:39 PM
To: ''
Subject: Farmhouse.Modern

I read with excitement the article at

Great modern farmhouse design (we completed a near Zero Energy custom farm house in Brunswick 2 years ago). Of course, all of us are intrigued by what Smalley and Co at Blueprint can deliver.

But what really caught my eye was the building specifications to be delivered in these homes. They are actually lower than minimum building code in Maryland (IRC 2015)! How are you addressing this underwhelming middle finger to the environment? Your specifications:

High Performance Energy Efficiency
+ Two 92% high efficiency furnaces [Great]
+ 3 13-SEER high efficiency electric air conditioners [not even Energy Star!]
+ Air filters to remove mold, dust and allergens [uh huh]
+ Gas tankless water heater [Great]
+ Nest thermostats [Sexy]
+ R-38 attic insulation [below IECC 2012!]
+ R-13 exterior walls insulation [below IECC 2012 and, quite frankly, pathetic]
+ R-11 lower level insulation [really? R-11?]
+ Low E high performance double pane Andersen Wood windows

You’ve obviously got the bling going great. I’m hopeful that you can convert some of your marketing and design genius into a far better built home.

Let me know if you’d like to explore. This is what we do. This is what I lecture on to the modular industry. My mobile: 301-404-5289.


W. Harris Woodward, Master CGP

>>> What do you think, fellow modular folks? I know most of us build with 2x6 walls of at least R-21 in the mid-Atlantic. But R-13 for the entire building envelope of a M$1.2 home? Am I out of line?